We firmly believe that scientific and technological innovation is the driving force behind the improvement of quality of life. With a focus on every product detail, we manage to make cooking easier with creative solutions. It is in the spirit of respecting science and technology and focusing on quality that DOUBLE HAPPINESS has achieved various scientific and technological results and won recognition from the nation as well as the market. Here are some of the achievements that we’d like to share with you as following:


DOUBLE HAPPINESS designed and developed the first pressure cooker, filling the blank for the domestic market for pressure cooker. In the planned-economy age, DOUBLE HAPPINESS has successfully explored and laid the foundation for the Chinese pressure cooker.


DOUBLE HAPPINESS pressure cooker received National Silver Medal Award. Since the early period of the reform and opening up, DOUBLE HAPPINESS cookers have become the leader as well as the standard of the whole industry.


DOUBLE HAPPINESS pressure cooker received the National Gold Medal Award, the highest honor in China.


DOUBLE HAPPINESS pressure cooker was awarded Chinese Brand Name.


DOUBLE HAPPINESS pressure cooker was awarded Chinese Famous Brand.


The DOUBLE HAPPINESS Electric Appliances Industrial Park was completed and put into use; the 100 millionth pressure cooker was made.November 2008

DOUBLE HAPPINESS Electric Alliances was approved by the Zhuhai Key Enterprise Technological Center in its application for the technological reform program for the cooker production base in a different location.


DOUBLE HAPPINESS was awarded the national hi-tech enterprise.


DOUBLE HAPPINESS Electric Appliances was awarded the 2008 Top 10 Private Enterprise of Zhuhai.